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Here you can find local regulations for PGAWC Thailand 2014 >>>

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Turkey PGAWC 2014

Organizers (name)
Event Director  : Abdullah YILDIZ
Event Manager : Tugcan ISTIM
Event Judge : Ozgür UYSAL
Chief Judge: Yasemin YILDIZ
Location : Sakarya / Serdivan
Coordinate: 40°46'23.6'' N - 30°20'00''  E

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Germany PGAWC 2014

Organizer:                 Papillon GmbH und Co KG

Event Director:          Boris Kiauka

Event Manager:        Frank Degenkolb

Event Judge:              Boris Kiauka

Chief Judge:


Location and Coordinate

Flugschule Papillon Winterberg - Elpe

In der Liemecke 3

59939 Elpe/Olsberg

N51°16'14.124" E8°26'26.808"

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Indonesia PGAWC 2014

Timbis is not only one of the most beautiful flying site in Indonesia, It also a special place for Indonesian,Asian and the world Paragliding Community. Here was where the first International Paragliding Event and the 1st Asian Beach games being held in 2008. In This place also where the record being broken in 2008 when  88 Pilots flying together , even more In 2009 when 99 Pilots flying together and 1 pilot brake the record for the longest flying time in 8 Hours.
However Timbis is in big trouble right now due to many tourism developments around the area and many private companies starting to build hotels and villas. Even now there is a barbwire fence is build right next to take off area and caused some problem to some pilot who are trying to take off or Landing at the Flying site.

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Competition report

Season 2013


Recently, with the last competition in Malaysia, we have completed 7th Accuracy World Cup competitions. In 2013, competitions were organized in Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal, Serbia, Romania and Malaysia. With a total number of 225 competitors, from 27 different countries, it also is a clear pointer that a discipline is spreading a word of accuraccy landing and paragliding in general.Paragliding accuracy competitions were organized in many new countries on many different levels, which is also one of priorities, PGAWC followed from the very beginning.A real refreshment of the 2013 season is Thailand. Paragliding accuracy was taken very seriously and after a couple of years, a lot of young pilots have acchieved some great results in general, female and team competitions.Ammong the group of top pilots, nothing has changed drastically but new and skilled pilots are comming and keep surprising with their acchievements. So, on the winning podium, we have seen pilots from nine different countries, five different competition winners (at the six competitions) and a total of record breaking 30 competition rounds of the season.

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Calendar 2014

Here is calendar for season 2014:

- Thailand 1. - 4. May
- Germany 7. - 9. June
- Indonesia 25. - 28. September
- Turkey  24. - 26. October

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Competition report
Last competition 2013

 The last competition of this year's season has seen 52 competitors from 14 countries. All six foreseen rounds have been executed. The changing thermical weather conditions caused several problems to many highly experienced competitors. The competitors from Thailand, in both, men and women competition, achieved excellent results. This competition also brought the final resuts in the overall competiton of the World's Cup.

It was amazing to see that the 30th round of this year's season brought the final winner with a difference of 2cm only! A specific gratitude goes to the organiser of this last competition which was an excellent trial and proof ahead of the Asain championship that will be organised in March 2014 by the same organiser. Results are here.
The final report of the complete season 2013 will follow.

Candidate organisers of the competitions in 2014 are: Thailand, Indonesia, Fillippines and Malayia for the Asian part; and United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the European part of the world series.

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Competitions for 2014 season are still open. All interested potential organizers apply now. We wish to close the calendar for next year untill the end of october.




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