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Second part PGAWC 2015 - Malaysia

Second series in Malaysia just finish with the 90 pilots from 14 countries. It was a tight competition since the first round between the top pilots and finished in fifth round. On the first day many pilots are strugling with thermal bubles at the landing area and has to stop due to thunder storm comming in fast. Luckily on second day the weather taking our side and providing a smooth wind for the whole day. Thank you for Inspiration Aviation Club who organizing this competition.

Congratulation for our winners in Malaysia.

overall winner :
1. Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia
2. Umar Supratman from Indonesia
3. Mitsuharu Koga from Japan
women  winner :
1. Nunnapat Puchong from Thailand
2. Chantika Chaisanuk from Thailand
3. Lis Andriana from Indonesia
team winner :
1. Jawa Barat 2
2. BGD team
3. Combo

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Second part PGAWC 2015 - Malaysia

Second part PGAWC 2015 - Malaysia

Second event started today in Malaysia with 100 pilots from 14 countries. After two and half rounds the rain started and flying stoped. We are expecting better condition tomorrow and successful completion the event.

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PGAWC season started in Philippines last week. In spite of strong wind conditions , 51 pilots from 12 different countries made two valid rounds in two days. Organization was perfect on really beautifully place for Accuracy. Lot of people visit competition and it was amazing to see them for first time , how look in sky and after then on target. Pilots was rewarded with big applause when made a good results. Every night pilots was given by fellow dinner on different places which was accepted with big pleasant. Thanks a lot to organizer for effort in organizing this very ,very nice event for first time in Philippines.



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Competition report
Report from 2014 PGAWC competitions

Final report from 2014 PGAWC events you can find HERE . On the end of report is annual calendar for 2015.


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New scoring system

Dear competitors!

As it is our goal for as many competitiors as possible to have equal chances for the overall win in the world cup, the regulations have been changed in 1 aspect.
In this season, overall score will consist of 50% of best results from all series. 
The main reason for this change is for Asian and European contestants to have realistic chances of winning the overall title with at least 1 participation in a competition on another continent. 
We hope for the change to have a positive impact on the rise of competition as regards the overall season win.
We wish you a successful season!

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New Sponsor in 2015

New Sponsor in 2015

We are pleased to inform you the famous German manufacturer U-Turn will support us in upcoming season.

Their representative Dragan Popov with his Infinity 4 will try to make the best result !

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Asian PGAWC events coming soon

Dear pilots ,

Two of three Asian PGAWC events coming soon. Please inform your self more about this on official organizers web sites.

Philippines 27-29 March   

Malaysia 1-3 May

Only registered pilots on official organizers sites or PGAWC site can be accepted.

Good luck.

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TOUR 2015

Dear Pilots , Organizers and all who like this competitions,

This is calendar for 2015 tour after consideration of all bids that we received for next year.

We hope this schedule will be on FAI calendar in the beginning of 2015. You have enough time to make plan for your participation in PGAWC.

1.     Philippines 27 – 29 March

2.     Malaysia  1 - 3 May

3.     Serbia  5 – 7 June

4.     Germany 25 - 27 September

5.     China  23 – 25 October

6.     Bulgaria 20 – 22 November

We wish you successfull competition season and enjoy in the beautifull venues that we chose for you.

                                                                                                                      PGAWC  TEAM

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Bid Application Form

Bid Application Form

Dear Potential Organizers of PGAWC event,

You can find Bid Application form   Here.

Please fill the form and send it to office@pgawc.org as soon as possible.

We will consider it and decided after 1st of Novemebr 2014.


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Final report from 2014 for PGAWC competitions

Final report from 2014 for PGAWC competitions

Dear Pilots ,

One year more is behind us regarding PGAWC. This year we had more than 170 pilots and 38 teams competing in four events. Two in Asia and two in Europa was very well organized despite of not good weather conditions. We finished 20 rounds and final got winners. Last event was in Turkey and unfortunately we done only two rounds but it was really very good organized competition and thanks to Abdullah and his team for that. Winners are :

1.      Ma Qiang from China

2.      Darumaka Rajasa from Indonesia and Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia                                           

For female

1.      Andriana Lis from Indonesia

2.      Chantika Chaisanuk from Thailand

3.      Surattang Chueykaew from Thailand

For teams

1.      Best four Nike

2.      Rajawali

3.      BGD team

Hope to see you in next season with more pilots and event. So potential candidates for PGAWC and Pre-PGAWC event for 2015 , send bids to our new e-mail address     office@pgawc.org  till 1st of November and we will consider and make final decision as soon as possible.


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