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Report from 2014 PGAWC competitions

Final report from 2014 PGAWC events you can find HERE . On the end of report is annual calendar for 2015.


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PGAWC in Germany finished

PGAWC in Germany finished

Again more than 50 pilots in second PGAWC event in Germany. Pilots from 13 diferent countries competed for best results and first time on pad 2cm. Paragliding school Papillon host best Europe pilots on very nice place for accuracy. The conditions were tricky and till the last round winner was unknown. In final round Matjaz Sluga from Slovenia take first place and confirm his high ranking position on WPRS. Second was Valery Tzvetanov from Bulgaria and third Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia. The best female was Andriana Lis from Indonesia. For teams best were BEST FOR NIKE and take the leading position for teams in PGAWC. . Ma Qiang from China was on seventh place but it is enough to take the first position  on general ranking in PGAWC. CONGRATULATIONS for winners. All results are on page RESULTS. Next event on BALI  Indonesia in September. Hope that will be very interesting to see fight between Europe and Asian pilots again.

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Season 2013


Recently, with the last competition in Malaysia, we have completed 7th Accuracy World Cup competitions. In 2013, competitions were organized in Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal, Serbia, Romania and Malaysia. With a total number of 225 competitors, from 27 different countries, it also is a clear pointer that a discipline is spreading a word of accuraccy landing and paragliding in general.Paragliding accuracy competitions were organized in many new countries on many different levels, which is also one of priorities, PGAWC followed from the very beginning.A real refreshment of the 2013 season is Thailand. Paragliding accuracy was taken very seriously and after a couple of years, a lot of young pilots have acchieved some great results in general, female and team competitions.Ammong the group of top pilots, nothing has changed drastically but new and skilled pilots are comming and keep surprising with their acchievements. So, on the winning podium, we have seen pilots from nine different countries, five different competition winners (at the six competitions) and a total of record breaking 30 competition rounds of the season.

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Last competition 2013

 The last competition of this year's season has seen 52 competitors from 14 countries. All six foreseen rounds have been executed. The changing thermical weather conditions caused several problems to many highly experienced competitors. The competitors from Thailand, in both, men and women competition, achieved excellent results. This competition also brought the final resuts in the overall competiton of the World's Cup.

It was amazing to see that the 30th round of this year's season brought the final winner with a difference of 2cm only! A specific gratitude goes to the organiser of this last competition which was an excellent trial and proof ahead of the Asain championship that will be organised in March 2014 by the same organiser. Results are here.
The final report of the complete season 2013 will follow.

Candidate organisers of the competitions in 2014 are: Thailand, Indonesia, Fillippines and Malayia for the Asian part; and United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the European part of the world series.

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PGAWC Super Finals competition report

superfinall germany Exhibition competition called Super FInals was ment for the best accuracy pilots to compete ammong each other on a different way, like they were used to.

From top 10 pilots, only one did not appear and since a total of 27 pilots came, additional qualifications were not needed.
All pilots completed the first two rounds but than only top 16 went to take off place for the third one. A couple of very experienced pilots did not manage to qualify for that round and ammong them, there were 3rd and 4th from a total season`s ranking.

Next round was a dissaster also for actual World and European Champions but for the fourth round, 9 pilots were lucky (two pilots with the same score on eight position). Unlucky pilot was behind for 1 cm only. Ammong them were also Team 5 Manager Mr. Radko Gabric and the only female pilot left: Liz Adriani from Indonesia.

For the fifth round, only top four pilots started: Matjaz Sluga, Matjaz Feraric, Elisa Manueke and German pilot Gerd Rosenau. Matjaz Feraric won even with not great result from the last round, followed by Matjaz Sluga, who climbed from fourth to the second place. The third position bellonged to Elisa Manueke who confirmed his position ammong the best World accuracy pilots.

At the end, this Super Finals have shown a different way of competition and thank to competition sponsor Team 5 and their great prizes, it was an interesting event.

At the prize giving ceremony, beside Super Finals, prizes were also given to females, individuals and teams after the final season ranking.

Results are here -->>
Image gallery here -->>

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German PGAWC competition report

pgawc germany 2012The last World Cup competition was held in Wasserkuppe, Germany, which organized a great competition also the last year.

This year, organizer was not so lucky with a weather on the first day, since a strong wind stopped competitors at the middle of the first round. It was a pitty that it stayed at that point but in the evening, organizer did a fantastic job inviting Mike Kueng who did a presentation of his latest documentary: »The forgotten island«. That was really incredible.

Sunday morning was ideal for starting over a whole competition, since conditions demanded another take off and landing site. At the first round, pilots landed up the hill and many landed short and with a huge disappointment but when wind turned its direction, many landings were much more precise. A whole competition ran smoothly and there was enough place for competitors and free flyers.

A total of 45 pilots from 12 countries, completed four competition rounds and of course, for results for a total 2012 season ranking.
Battle for the podium was between Bolgarian and Slovenian pilots but at the end, two Slovenians stood there (Gorenc Jaka won with 9cms, followed by Matjaz Sluga with 21cms) and Indonesian pilot Elisa Manueke with 26 cms. The best German pilot was Andreas Schubert on 12th place.
In team competition, Bulgarian team Pernik was too strong for second Kanja from Slovenia and Czech Team.
That was actually the last competition of the season and we got a total winner ammong 135 competitors from 22 countries. That was also last yer`s winner: Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia, from Yagababa team, who collected 18 cms in 21 rounds. The only serious competition represented Slovenian Matjaz Sluga with 24cms and Serbian Goran Djurkovic with 41 cms.
Ammong top ten pilots, we can find also Indonesian, Bolgarian, Japanese and Czech pilots.
In female competition, Indonesian Liz Adriani was on the highest step, followed by Marketa Tomaskova from Czech Republic and Tamara Kostic from Serbia.
In the team competition, Team Yagababa (Rafael Kerin, Dusan Simovic, Mitsuharu Koga and Matjaz Feraric) won for the second time in a row, with a total of 91 cms. The closest to them was Team Best 4 Nike with 386cms and Bolgarian Team Pernik with 405cms. For a whole 2012 season, there were 36 teams attending.

Image gallery is here -->>

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Puncak - Indonesia

Competition in Puncak - Indonesia has been canceled due to the very strong wind.

There was 82 registered pilots from 8 countries.

We hope for better weather next week in Malaysia . See you there!

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Trakai report

pgawc Litva The first competition of Paragliding Accuracy World Cup for 2011 season happened in a real winter conditions. Flying site was a frozen lake in town Trakai, near Lithuanian capitol city Vilnius.

There were fifty-five competitors from twelve different countries, competing in fifteen different teams. That number was lower (from 70 already registrated pilots), because some of them calculated with a weather. Unfortunatelly, bad weather forecast came true and despite promissing practice session on Friday, flying on Saturday was not possible due to a very strong wind. On Sunday organizer managed to complete only one round; the second was stopped due to not regular conditions where about fifteen pilots did not finish. Organizers did their best but conditions did not allowe second round to be finished. Because of this, only one round counts for a total World Cup ranking.

A closing ceremony was organized in a beautiful Trakai castle, where we have seen an interesting cultural program and for some minutes, we forgot very low temperatures outside. On the highest step on the podium was Lithuanian pilot Arminas Petrauskas, followed by Czech pilot Tomas Lednik and Indonesian pilot Dede Supratman on third place. In women competition won Romanenko Jolanta from Lithuania, second was Sirin Milawati and third Perdanayanti Dian from Indonesia.

At team competition, Team Yagababa won in front of Team Garuda and Team Bolgaria. More detailed results are on:

During a whole event, there was very good media coverage, where visitors were able to see results and other informations on a big screen but others were also able to see a live picture on internet. Beside this, there were some journalists from local tv stations and press. At the end of the day, interesting and a little bit different competition organized by an experienced team and an excellent hosts.

Very next day started Lithuanian Nationals and they had a better luck with weather, completing eight competition round. Special thanks goes to Gediminas Siutilas, who did on his own and also managed to collect some interesting footages and pictures from both competitions and place them on his Vimeo channel: . Image gallery you can see on our web page here .

Just to remind you on a next competition in Stubaital (18.-20.March) ; at the same place and at the same time as well known fair of paragliding equipment.

Hopefully, we will see you there…

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Bjelasnica-Final report

3. Paragliding Accuracy World cup, the highest competition level in this discipline, organized by a sports club Extremesport Sarajevo and the National Aero Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina was successfully completed.

On Friday, 20th August were held training flights for pilots, and on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of August,  five competitive series were performed, there was also numerous review flights by the pilots out of the competition and tandem flights.

70 pilots participated from all around the world, far from Indonesia and Japan, the nearby Czech Republic and Bulgaria, from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, including a number of local pilots.

We wont to thanks all pilots who was on our competition.

You can find results on our result page here >>> , and there is also image gallery from competition here >>

pgawc bih
pgawc BIH

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Visnjica - Croatia

A second competition in Paragliding Accuracy World Cup was held from 6th to 8th August 2010 in Višnjica, Croatia, with a take-off place at near Ravna Gora. This was acctually a second leg of World Cup, after the first took place in Indonesia at the beginning of June.

As expected, some of the pilots did not appear for the competition, because of changed date of European Championship in Turkey (which lasted 10 days), while Croatian competition started only five days later. For some of the pilots it was too hard to manage.

Slovenian pilots confirmed their top positions from previous rounds and among top ten pilots, nothing big really changed. Maybe Japanesse pilot Mitsuharu Koga was the most unlucky in final round, because he fell from sixth to ninth position. Finally, among top ten pilots, we could find one English, one Serbian, one Croatian and one Japanesse pilot and six Slovenian pilots.

In the team competition won team Best 4 Nike, second place went to team Kanja, while third place went to Team Yagababa.

In the individual competition won Matjaz Ferarič from Slovenia (9cm), the second was Jaka Gorenc (13cm) and the third  Dušan Gorenc (16cm). The best female competitor was Martina Hohnjec from Croatia on 21st place. Beside medals and trophies for individuals, best team members and teams, there were also a prize money for top five individual pilots.

The awards were presented by the deputy mayor of Varazdin County, the mayor of the city Lepoglava and local event sponsors and organizers.

There was also the best world results after 12 rounds on this competition. Tomaz Lednik from Czech republic set new record which is now 91 cm and is better then previous for 2 cm.

The following is the World Cup in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 20.-22. of August, and at the beginning of October a final competition in Austria.

pgawc Visnjica

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Live from Trakoscan

Organizer from upcoming pgawc in Trakoscan, has inform us that you can watch competition live on the internet.
Webcam will be on .

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Paragliding Accuracy World Cup for this year is finished. Last event was in Pernik Bulgaria. Bad weather first day and better second day gave as opportunity to finished only three rounds. The final round was exciting like always and Jaka Gorenc win only with one centimeter than Matjaz Feraric.Good organization and final ceremony contributed that all were satisfied at the end. The winners are on the picture.

This year were six events with five successful , with 27 rounds , 146 pilots from 18 countries (16 female pilots).  List of pilots are below.

                          OVERALL RANKING LIST

See you next year I hope with more pilots and countries and better results.


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PGAWC Inonu Turkey 2009

    comp turkey

  Third event for Paragliding Accuracy World Cup was in Inonu - Turkey. Very good organization , maximum number of rounds,nice weather for swimming in the swimming pool are main characteristics of this competition.The lot of pilots visited Eskisehir , beautifully town near the competition site.It was very excitable finish and winner was not recognized before last flight.After landing Matjaz Feraric and Jaka Gorenc , who were the  leaders before last round , young competitor from Macedonia  Martin Jovanoski and experience competitor from Montenegro Dusan Simovic share the first place.Third was Abdullah Yildiz from Turkey.The best team was BEST 4 NIKE after amazing judging decision to disqualified last flight of Vladimir Jankovic from Monteparapro team ,which was leader before that.Next World cup will be in Hungary.See you there.

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Regards from Macedonia

Finally Paragliding Accuracy World Cup started with valid rounds. It was second event in Ohrid Macedonia first time on that flying site. 52 pilots from 8 countries landed near the beautifully lake on the football play ground. Competition was very good organized by Delta Klub from Prilep. Six round were done in two days and very good results shown by best pilots. The winner was Slovenian  Jaka Gorenc in very interesting finish on last round. The best team was Monteparapro formed from Montenegro and Serbian pilots. Unfortunately I lost pictures from my camera so if any one have it , please put it on the gallery of  this official web site. See you on the next round of PGAWC in Turkey.

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