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New Sponsor in 2015

New Sponsor in 2015

We are pleased to inform you the famous German manufacturer U-Turn will support us in upcoming season.

Their representative Dragan Popov with his Infinity 4 will try to make the best result !

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Here you can find local regulations for PGAWC Thailand 2014 >>>

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Competitions for 2014 season are still open. All interested potential organizers apply now. We wish to close the calendar for next year untill the end of october.




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New images





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Calendar 2013

calndarDear PGAWC pilots and friends,

With some minor changes of competition dates, we have completed our competition shedule for 2013 PGAWC season.

Here is how it will look for 2013 schedule:

-       Indonesia - 26. – 28. April
-       Thailand - 02. – 05. May
-       Portugal - 24. – 26. May
-       Malaysia - 14. – 16. June
-       Serbia - 20. – 22. September
-       Romania - 27. – 29. September

Some small changes still can happen but in next couple of weeks we will try our best in order to prepare more detailed information about organizers, competition sites, accommodation & transportation informations and of course, a possibility to register for a competition.

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Attention to all competition organizers

Even before season 2012 ends, we would like to ask all potential PGAWC competition organizers to prepare  their bids for next season. Last time we have spent too many time adjusting competition schedule and this year, we would like to do it earlier. So, dead line for this year`s bidding is 15th October.

Some of you  are already familiar with everything written bellow but please, when you have some questions; do not hesitate to write to an e-mail address bellow.

Looking forward to receive your offers and thank you very much in advance.

Entering criteria for organizers:
-    potencial competition organizers for PGAWC 2013 season are asked to send an offer – proposal, latest till 15th October on e-mail ,
-   an organizer, who applies for the first time, had to organize at least one FAI cat 2 competition in the past,
-    A coordinator will comunicate among organizers and prapare a list of organizers and a competition schedule for 2013 season. Selection of organizers will be based on following factors:
i.    Allready Successfully organized PGAWC or FAI 2 competition,
ii.    First time organizer of PGAWC,
iii.   Applied allready for last year`s season or earlier,
iv.   Spreading and promotions of discipline also to new locations or countries,
v.    To show the seriousness of an offer by paying on PGAWC account an amount of 1000 EUR (for organizers, Technical delegate, overal season prizes, …) ,
vi.    To explain possibillities regarding accommodations, transport, what else can offer to competitors, how an organizer will take care about a general promotion of competition, promotion of discipline and media coverage of the whole event.
Organizer obligations:
-    After a confirmation of selection from PGAWC, organizer of WC competition has to register a competition to FAI till 15th of December that this competitions appear on FAI comp. calendar at the very beginning of next year.
-    Competition have to follow FAI rules,
-    One practice day and at least two competition days have to be forseen for a competition,
-    pilot`s registration have to be proceed via internet on,
-    only pilots with valid FAI sporting licence can attend PGAWC competition,
-    organizer have to ensure price money in a sum of 1.000 Eur and trophies for individuals, female pilots and teams
-    pilot entry fee for one competition is 50 EUR,
-    organizer provides lunch and competition transportation for pilots and accommodation for technical delegate and one foreigner competition judge,
-    organizer have to provide competition results and photo material to technical delegate for internet site. 

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We believe that competitors are already preparing hard for the last two competitions of the season.
In earlier articles, you can read all informations regarding accommodation and the rest but since there were some questions, let us explain about the Super Finals and price giving ceremony for a total PGAWC season 2012, one more time:

- In Wasserkuppe, Germany: will be the last competition, which will count for a total ranking of PGAWC season,
- from what you can read below, Super Finale in Bach, Austria is a special competition and it does not count for a total final ranking of the season but only for prices of our sponsor TEAM5. So, 40 top pilots from a total ranking and the rest of pilots who will come to Bach will compete at the first round and than the best will qualify for the next round…,
- at the same price giving ceremony in Bach, price will be given to the best TEAMS, FEMALS and INDIVIDUALS from a total ranking of the season 2012. Beside all mentioned trophies, we will award as much as possible high number of pilots who will be there will, with prizes from our PGAWC sponsors.

So, there are two busy weekends in front of us and because of easier planning for all of us, let me ask you one more time to arrange accommodation and register to competitions, as soon as possible.

And finally, we would like to encourage you do your best in Germany and to qualify to Super Finals.


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PGAWC rules

This years PGAWC Super Finals are additional PGAWC competition and it has slightly different rules. Not regarding measurement or judging but in direction who can compete at this Super Finals.

A direct right to participate, belongs to the first 40 pilots from a total PGAWC 2012 season ranking, after a competition at Wasserkuppe, the rest (max 24) will join during qualification rounds at Super Finals.

What we are looking here is max. 64 pilots, who will start with a round number one. In round number two, 32 pilots will start. At round number three, 16 pilots, round four 8 pilots and in a final round only 4 top pilots. Of course, all results will count for prices.

For the first three pilots will be special prices from our sponsor TEAM5: reserve parachutes and some other prices for first 8 pilots.

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The World Games 2013 Cali Test Event

Dear Paragliding Accuracy pilots,
We have already spread the word of this event to many pilots but in case anybody has missed it, here it is again:
Please, take a look and when somebody is interested, check for a registration, asap.

Dates: 7th to 11th August 2012
Venue: Air Force base (airfield), Cali, Colombia
Competition structure: FAI Cat 2 Open: Maximum 36 pilots (no selection criteria this year).
Requirements: Winch launch - pilots must have a tow endorsement on their licence
Training: Some limited training available on 6th August.  Book early!
Entry Fee: USD100 (to be confirmed)
Prize Money: 1st place - USD1000; 2nd place - USD700; 3rd place - USD 350

world gamesThe World Games has an even broader scope than the World Air Games.  Only 3 airsports have been selected for the 2013 event: Paragliding Accuracy, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Model Aircraft (demos only).  This should be a highly prestigious event next year, with much publicity planned.

Due to the late confirmation of details of the Test Event this year, there will be no selection criteria.  It is an Open event, but limited to 36 competitors.  Registration is now open online at: 
I have attached a brief summary of information, which I will post on the CIVL website, and I will update as necessary.  Local Regulations will be published as soon as possible.

It would be great to have a good representation of international pilots attending the Test Event.  If you are interested to compete, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can get an idea of numbers.  Unfortunately, competitors will have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs this year.  The entry fee covers in-country transport, lunches & refreshments, receptions & prize giving, t-shirt and winch launches for training, practice and competition flights.

For travel to Colombia, European pilots might consider looking at flights that go direct from Madrid or Barcelona - a number of airlines take this route, avoiding the US!

I will be attending as CIVL Liaison Officer (Steward).  Andy Cowley (UK) will be attending as Chief Judge, Technical Advisor, and he will also be running a Judging Seminar.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Louise Joselyn

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Images from competitions

Here are images from latest competitions in Budva and Albania (click on image to enter in photo gallery):

 Albania 2012 Budva

 Albania 2012


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Results publihing

Today we will put on the web page new system for results. Results will be from now on, published directly from competition to our web page in section Results . You can still find old results on old link here .

Results are in xml format, but we have made converter for html. We apologise if there will be some technical problems, but we hope not.

Cind regards, Ivan

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New PGAWC season - new things

In a new PGAWC season, we will start with two new things.

1.    Measuring field will be inside 5m radius, what will improve judge`s work while competition marked area will stay 10 m.

2.    2. All competition organizers for 2013 season who will organize PGAWC for the first time, will get a chance to organize PRE PGAWC competition this year and in case of good organized competition, they will have advantage in comparison to other new organizers.

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Urgent announcement

We ask all pilots who have applied on competiotion in Malaysia and Indonesia that is nesessary to register also on this PGAWC site . This is necessary for easy data proccesing.
A competitior who will not fill registration on that site it will not be in official results scoring for this two competitions!

Kind regards, PGAWC team


How can I register for competition?
After you registered on web page here, you have to login first. Then proceed to this link, where you have to enter all informations required. Fields with red star are obligatory for registration, without them you can't register for any competition. When you fill in the fields press "Save your data" button. Below the button the text "Data was successfully saved!" will be displayed.

If you successfully saved your data, go to competitions link. All the competitions for current year are listed here. If you want to register for any of them, just click on register link and column "Registered" will get a green check. All registered pilots you can see on selection list.

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A brief report from Skywalk Night Fever event

skywalk As already announced on our site, 25th June was reserved for Skywalk Night Fever. This is the first time that demonstration of accuracy landing was a part of this traditional event and it happened, due to a good sponsorship relations with Skywalk paragliders. The whole event was held in Andelsbuch, the very Western part of Austria and was perfectly organized and hosted by Flugzentrum Bregenzerwald and Skywalk, of course.

Despite the fact that accuracy landing was not so well known in this area, we managed to encourage 20 pilots (including one female pilot) to participate in accuracy landing competition, which took part right before main Night Fever event.

Pilots used a liberty to take off on their own and to stay in the air max. 2 hours and to land latest till 13.30hours. This time was more than sufficient to complete a whole round. Because of wind and thermal activities, landing was not so easy and all the pilots had to pay more attention to their approach. The best at this were Pascal Purin and Dragan Popov, sharing the first place with 9cms, followed by Lukas Ratz on the third position. Top 10 pilots were awarded with very useful &nice prices, contributed by Skywalk.

The following main Night Fever event was fully booked but due to a stronger side wind, organizer after some time spent on the mountain, took a clever decision to cancel the flying and we used ski lift again, this time in opposite direction. Not an easy choice but the best under the circumstances.
At the camp, a party and a price giving ceremony was already prepared and waiting for us.

At the end, we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Christa Vogel and Flugzentrum Bregenzerwald team and Skywalk team, who did a really great job organizing all this and took a great care of all participants. Not to mentione showing us new projects, offering us to test their paragliders and what is the most important, preparing enjoyable and safe flying and a party in the evening.
We all can really looking forwards to next year`s event.

You can see images on our gallery here .
Skywalk logo

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Skywalk Saturday Night Fever

Skywalk flyer This year is the first time that on a mentioned event, will have a demonstration of Paragliding Accuracy landing.

Since Skywalk is one of sponsors of Paragliding Accuracy World Cup, an organizing team will prepare a round of accuracy landing for all interested pilots, who will come on Saturday, 25th June in Bregenzwald.

All details about event, including entry form can be found on Skywalk internet page (German language) and in enclosed document (entry form Accuracy).

Not forget to mentione some nice prizes from Skywalk for top ten pilots. So, it will be worth comming there a couple of hours earlier.

Looking forward to meet you there...

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New pictures from competitions

Dear pilots and Paragliding Accuracy friends,
We have prepared some pictures from last two competitions in Austria and Serbia:

 Stubai Vrsac

We would also like to use this opportunity to one more time express our gratitude to friends, who contributed these pictures:
Mr. Michel Ferrer and Mrs. Vesna Simmons (Austrian competition) and
Mr. Zdravko Kumer and Mr. Dragan Popov (Serbian competition).
PGAWC organizing team

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Another message from Lithuanian competition organizer:

1.There will be transfer for foreign competitors from Vilnius Airport , Train and Bus Stations to Trakai. Please inform us about your arrival schedule by email to . In case of some arrival delays or changes, please contact Arvydas Osinskas directy by the phone +37068216466.

There is a direct train connection from Vilnius Airport (VNO) to Vilnius Railway Station. Travel time is 12 minutes. Ticket cost is 2.5 LTL (less than 1 EUR). More info at Railway and Airport sites.

2.You should bring your own tow release system. In case you don't have a tow release, you will be able to buy one on location.

3.Please bring with you your national flag and anthem.

Kind regards, Jurijus Jakovlevas

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Lithuanian competition organizer message

A message from Lithuanian competition organizer:

We would like to inform that hotel reservations and payments can be proceeded until 1st of February
Hotel and entry fees can be conducted at once and for all team. After bank transfer please copy and forward following information to the e-mail: :

1.Pilots' name and family-name
2. chosen competition
3.number of places in the hotel

Kind regards,
Jurijus Jakovlevas

For further information  +370 65999051

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Event calendar 2011

PGAWC tour - 2011


-         11.2. – 13.2. - LITHUANIA

-         18.3. – 20.3 - AUSTRIA

-         26.3. – 27.3. - SERBIA

-         3.6. – 5.6. - INDONESIA

-         10.6. – 12.6. - MALAYSIA

-         23.9. – 25.9. - GERMANY

For organisers: Calendar for tour 2011 will be visible also in "Competition list " on our web page when new year 2011 begins. In that time, to the end of december, we asking you, that you send us web links to your web pages, that we can put it in the calendar. Please send your web page links to

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With a last competition held in Stubaital in October, we succesfuly completed another PGAWC season.

In year 2010 there were completed all for planned competitions: Batu – Indonesia, Visnjica – Croatia, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Neustift in Stubai Walley – Austria.

There were about 200 pilots attending, from 26 different countries and with from 50 to 80 pilots at the competition. The only exception with a little bit less pilots was Croatian leg, since it was on a schedule a week after European Championship Turkey and a week before Pre- Worlds in Czech Republic. This is also the main reason that some of pilots decided to skip the competition.

This year, we have experienced a lot of pilots from Asian countries and their progress in quality and this is the reason will do our best to organize two PGAWC competitions in this part of the world.

Regarding the rest of pilots, we have not seen a lot of changes. Pilots from Eastern Europe are still in the lead but lately Indonesian, Japanesse and Chinesse pilots were very common in top ten ranking and even on podium. Also a number of female competitors increased, which is a good sign. Team competitions also improved but stil, there is a lot of unused potencial. Serious number of strong teams is not so high but it is growing and we believe that next year, we can expect higher level in this area, as

All together, there was 22 competition rounds completed and with a minimum of five rounds per competition; after the worst round was dropped. This has been given additional quality level to individual competition.
Work of Technical delegate and a team of proven judges was correct and orientation to confirm this officials at least 30 days before competition, was a right one. Also in the future, we will put some further efforts in this direction.

Competition organizers did a great job trying to make them interesting also beside competition itself. In this direction, a special credit goes to Indonesian organizer in general and also for their fun competition. Others also did a great job organizing barbeque parties, movie presentation, cheap accommodation, a good meal and a free beer and a lot of practical prizes for pilots; by their possibilities, of course.

Very important part in all this goes to PGAWC sponsors: Airwave, Skywalk and Kimfly. With their contributions, we managed to cover a big part of general costs and also prizes for a final ceremony. In return, we tried hard to promote their presence in our sport, through the whole season on many different ways.

A promotion of paragliding, of accuracy landing, a promotion of competition sites and competition organizers and of course promotion of our sponsors, will also be a main goal for a 2011 competition season.

Beside publishing some articles in flying magazines and web pages, we will spread this word widder. There are some new countries interested in organizing competitions and we are expecting also new pilots from this areas.

An important goal for 2011 season is to organize the most of competitions outside high summer season. In that case we will attract more pilots who will normaly go to holidays or XC flying.

Beside this, we will do our best in order to attract even more equipment manufacturers and make this discipline even more interesting for competitors, spectators, competition organizers and of course: sponsors.

final report
Final report
final report

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Closing date


At the end of October is closing date for organisers who wonts to participate in PGAWC competitions!

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New imgaes

In the image gallery you can see some pictures from first PGAWC competition in Indonesia. If someone has any other image, you can upload or send us via email.

Click on image for enter the gallery:

paragliding accuracy landing

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New record

Sheng Guangqiang has set new best world result on last PGAWC Indonesia .

He had only 21 cm after 6 rounds, what is new best result in history of paragliding accuracy competition. This record was two years old and before Sheng the best results had Zoran Petrovic.
You can see best world results he  Best World Results

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Paragliding Accuracy World Cup has also sponzor this year. Check out their web page here: (you can also see logo on the right side of web page).

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Competition organizers

We would like to inform you that beside Uga Jondzic (Technical delegate on all WC Competitions) and Matjaz Feraric (as coordinator of WC PGAL), you are equivalent members of  TEAM PGAWC, which is based in Slovenia and which has also it`s own bank account (
As agreed, entry fee is 50 EUR for all competitions and competitors transfer it to mentioned bank account of PGAWC at least one week before competition starts. In that case, organizers will know for sure a number of competitors. 2/3 of entry fee will be transfered to organizor before competition starts and 1/3 goes to costs of WC (please, check guidelines ). All this will be transparently presented at the end of competition season.
Since we are looking also for a general WC PGAWC sponsor, we would like to ask you to check your possibilities in this area, as well. In case you have any options please, let us know.

A competition in Kuala Lumpur is comming and it also means a beginning of competition season PGAWC 2009. We would like to ask all organizers to try to do their best to be as close as possible to guidelines in order to help improving a level of WC competitions also in a future.
In case you have any question please, contact Uga Jondzic ( or Matjaz Feraric(

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Competiton registration

After long winter competitions in PGAWC are now on the way. We would like to advise you that we have made new registration for all competitions, here on our web page. You don't need to search for organizer web page and search where to register any more. Now you have registration here.

How to enter on competition?

How can I register for competition?
After you registered on web page you have to log in first. Then proceed to this link, where you have to enter all informations required. Fields with red star are obligatory for registration, without them you can't register for any competition. When you fill in the fields press "Save your data" button. Below the button the text "Data was successfully saved!" will be displayed.

If you successfully saved your data, go to competitions link. All the competitions for current year are listed here. If you want to register for any of them, just click on register link and column "Registered" will get a green check. After that you must pay the entrance fee. When your payment will be received, we'll check and confirm your entry on selection list.

How to pay?

For competition you have to pay on this account:
SWIFT: ABANSI2X IBAN - SI 56 05100 8012747926

Please describe competition and competitors name when you are paying. You can pay also for more then one competition together. After you will pay, you can also send as e-mail on or

Other FAQ for web page are here!

If other problems with no answers in FAQ section occur, please write to Ivan Laharnar ( - web page designer and programing.

If you have questions about the competition, please write to Matjaz Feraric ( – Coordinator for the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup

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First world cup competition in Austria canceled

We wont to inform all paragliding accuracy pilots who wonts to go on first world cup in AUSTRIA – Stubaital , that this competition on 28 th of march is CANCELED!
Competition will be on the same place in autumn, but we don't know yet when. We will notify you as soon as we know new date!

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2008 pgawc winners

japan The 2008 PGAWC tour had its final event in Asagiri - Japan from 1th to 2th November 2008.

After 6 last rounds, the tour ended with a total of 26 rounds flown all around the world, starting in Macedonia, then Croatia, Turkey Czech republic, Slovenia and finally Japan.

Some records have been broken during this incredible year: in Croatia, for instance, Martin Jovanoski made new record after 4 rounds. He set new record 11 cm (previous was 29 cm). Martin set also 3 new world records: 2 in Europeans, 3 cm after 2 rounds and 3 cm after 3 rounds and in Turkey after 5th rounds he set 30 cm. On last tour in Japan Zoran Petrovič set two new records after 5 rounds (16 cm) and after 6 rounds (23 cm).

With no big surprise, Slovenia and team Čuk Dravograd kept its "best nation" title.

Milica Bicanin is our 2008 PGAWC female champion. She even reached the 11th position in the overall ranking.

Matjaž Ferarič is the 2008 PGAWC Champion.

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New world records

Mrtin Jovanoski has made 3 new world records since PGAWC in Turkey. On WR list are now only Martin Jovanoski and Matjaž Ferarič , they have all records and one also shearing.
Martin owns 4 records and Matjaž 3.

Look on our site PGAWC records


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New world record

Martin Jovanoski has set new world record after four rounds on last PGAWC competition in Trakoscan - Croatia.
Previous record was 29 cm and Martin made it only 11 cm.


For more details see here .

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Nick Simons married

Why the women competition rivality in PGAWC is bad? Because Nick Simons has married Wink .

Vesna and Simons has married in Belgrade 02.02.2008. Congratulations from all pilots!

Witness is serious but also responsibility is on a large scale!

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Coupe Icare Demonstration

I have just returned from a meeting with the organisers of the Coupe Icare at St Hilaire, near Grenoble in France. As I mentioned before, they have scheduled Paragliding Accuracy as one of their special events this year. There will be official Accuracy demonstrations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 to 16.30, weather permitting.

 We have the opportunity for 15 pilots (one launching every two minutes) to show the world Paragliding Accuracy over the three days. We need top pilots who can land on the pad (or very close) every time. There will be an announcer with a microphone telling the crowd who is coming to land, also their best competition results, WPRS ranking, national/international/World Cup championships and which year etc etc. We will have a scoreboard to mark up each pilot's scores, with a winner per day and a winner over the three days (small prizes). There will (hopefully) be tv cameras and photographers. I will prepare some information to tell visiting pilots and the public about Paragliding Accuracy competitions and the growing discipline.


I have only a few names so far (Huub from Holland, Yoshiki from Japan, Brett Janaway from GB). We MUST have some pilots from Slovenia - the Champions! All pilots in the top 20 WPRS should think strongly about coming along - even if you cannot be there for all three days. Matjaz, Jaca, Dusan - there are many many Slovenian pilots in the top 20??? What about from Czech Republic: Kamil? Tomas? Bulgaria: Dimitar Ralev? Turkey: Funda? Macedonia: Kiro? Serbia: Branko? Uga? Latvia? Lithuania? And more from GB: Andy Webster? Nick Simmons? Andy Shaw?

Also, the LADIES - the very charming French organisers at launch and landing want to see more women participate. Violeta? Funda? Katerina? Marketa?

All registered participants will receive free entry to the event, free use of the exclusive Pilot transport between launch and landing, free lunch tickets, T-Shirt, and an invitation to a special Dinner on Saturday night. This includes JUDGES - I have said we will need about 4 or 5 Judges.

Participating pilots and Judges must register in advance, by 15 September. Please confirm to me as soon as possible that you are coming and I will send you the registration form and the rules.

It is a fantastic opportunity for us to show a very wide international audience, but particularly France, that Accuracy is an exciting and competitive sport.

For those of you who have never been, it is a fantastic event, with many different demonstrations (speed hang gliding, acro, wing suits, de-bagging, paramotors, kites etc) and the fancy dress competition, for which it is famous (Violeta has entered several years running now!).

More info at:

Please distribute this message to the top pilots in your country as I do not have email addresses for everyone.
Does anyone know if the electronic score pad can also be connected to a large display screen? If the demonstration works well this year, the organisers are already talking about holding a competition during the event next year. They are VERY interested, so we HAVE to show them a good demonstration. Also, remember that Paragliding Accuracy is one of the specially selected aviation disciplines in the World Air Games - which will take place in Turin in 2009. I am sure that some of the organisers of this event will also be at St Hilaire and will be taking notes!

Best Regards Louise

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