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PGAWC rules

This years PGAWC Super Finals are additional PGAWC competition and it has slightly different rules. Not regarding measurement or judging but in direction who can compete at this Super Finals.

A direct right to participate, belongs to the first 40 pilots from a total PGAWC 2012 season ranking, after a competition at Wasserkuppe, the rest (max 24) will join during qualification rounds at Super Finals.

What we are looking here is max. 64 pilots, who will start with a round number one. In round number two, 32 pilots will start. At round number three, 16 pilots, round four 8 pilots and in a final round only 4 top pilots. Of course, all results will count for prices.

For the first three pilots will be special prices from our sponsor TEAM5: reserve parachutes and some other prices for first 8 pilots.

by ivanl, Tuesday, 28 August 2012 05:04, Comments(2)
15 Sep 2012
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Aart rebel
15 Sep 2012
Does anyone know about location, schedule and other things that might be handy to organize to go to Austria?
I would like to go but don't know a thing. That's not very handy with planning.

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