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We believe that competitors are already preparing hard for the last two competitions of the season.
In earlier articles, you can read all informations regarding accommodation and the rest but since there were some questions, let us explain about the Super Finals and price giving ceremony for a total PGAWC season 2012, one more time:

- In Wasserkuppe, Germany: will be the last competition, which will count for a total ranking of PGAWC season,
- from what you can read below, Super Finale in Bach, Austria is a special competition and it does not count for a total final ranking of the season but only for prices of our sponsor TEAM5. So, 40 top pilots from a total ranking and the rest of pilots who will come to Bach will compete at the first round and than the best will qualify for the next round…,
- at the same price giving ceremony in Bach, price will be given to the best TEAMS, FEMALS and INDIVIDUALS from a total ranking of the season 2012. Beside all mentioned trophies, we will award as much as possible high number of pilots who will be there will, with prizes from our PGAWC sponsors.

So, there are two busy weekends in front of us and because of easier planning for all of us, let me ask you one more time to arrange accommodation and register to competitions, as soon as possible.

And finally, we would like to encourage you do your best in Germany and to qualify to Super Finals.


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