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Attention to all competition organizers

Even before season 2012 ends, we would like to ask all potential PGAWC competition organizers to prepare  their bids for next season. Last time we have spent too many time adjusting competition schedule and this year, we would like to do it earlier. So, dead line for this year`s bidding is 15th October.

Some of you  are already familiar with everything written bellow but please, when you have some questions; do not hesitate to write to an e-mail address bellow.

Looking forward to receive your offers and thank you very much in advance.

Entering criteria for organizers:
-    potencial competition organizers for PGAWC 2013 season are asked to send an offer – proposal, latest till 15th October on e-mail ,
-   an organizer, who applies for the first time, had to organize at least one FAI cat 2 competition in the past,
-    A coordinator will comunicate among organizers and prapare a list of organizers and a competition schedule for 2013 season. Selection of organizers will be based on following factors:
i.    Allready Successfully organized PGAWC or FAI 2 competition,
ii.    First time organizer of PGAWC,
iii.   Applied allready for last year`s season or earlier,
iv.   Spreading and promotions of discipline also to new locations or countries,
v.    To show the seriousness of an offer by paying on PGAWC account an amount of 1000 EUR (for organizers, Technical delegate, overal season prizes, …) ,
vi.    To explain possibillities regarding accommodations, transport, what else can offer to competitors, how an organizer will take care about a general promotion of competition, promotion of discipline and media coverage of the whole event.
Organizer obligations:
-    After a confirmation of selection from PGAWC, organizer of WC competition has to register a competition to FAI till 15th of December that this competitions appear on FAI comp. calendar at the very beginning of next year.
-    Competition have to follow FAI rules,
-    One practice day and at least two competition days have to be forseen for a competition,
-    pilot`s registration have to be proceed via internet on,
-    only pilots with valid FAI sporting licence can attend PGAWC competition,
-    organizer have to ensure price money in a sum of 1.000 Eur and trophies for individuals, female pilots and teams
-    pilot entry fee for one competition is 50 EUR,
-    organizer provides lunch and competition transportation for pilots and accommodation for technical delegate and one foreigner competition judge,
-    organizer have to provide competition results and photo material to technical delegate for internet site. 

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