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Second part PGAWC 2015 - Malaysia

Second part PGAWC 2015 - Malaysia

Second series in Malaysia just finish with the 90 pilots from 14 countries. It was a tight competition since the first round between the top pilots and finished in fifth round. On the first day many pilots are strugling with thermal bubles at the landing area and has to stop due to thunder storm comming in fast. Luckily on second day the weather taking our side and providing a smooth wind for the whole day. Thank you for Inspiration Aviation Club who organizing this competition.

Congratulation for our winners in Malaysia.

overall winner :
1. Matjaz Feraric from Slovenia
2. Umar Supratman from Indonesia
3. Mitsuharu Koga from Japan
women  winner :
1. Nunnapat Puchong from Thailand
2. Chantika Chaisanuk from Thailand
3. Lis Andriana from Indonesia
team winner :
1. Jawa Barat 2
2. BGD team
3. Combo

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