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Albania - Vlore 2016

Albania - Vlore 2016

The biggest PGAWC event ever, was held in Vlore Albania with 113 pilots from 18 different countries. In the same time it was and Pre-World with biggest number of competitors ever. Unfortunately weather conditions allowed only three full rounds. Strong wind break fourth round almost at the end

Fight for the first place was beetwen pilots from Macedonia and Slovenia, which divided  the best positions in few centimeters.  

Winner is Mile Jovanoski from Macedonia with the result of 3 cm, Jaka Gorenc and Matjaz Feraric ended up with same result of 4 cm each, and they shared second place. The best female was Tamara Kostic from Serbia ,second Marketa Tomaskova from Czech republic and third Milica Marinkovic from Serbia. In teams ranking first was Fly BGD team , second BGD team and third shared MG Mivela and Fly team.  This is all from European tour. See you in next tour is in Asia in August.

You can see all results on http://www.pgawc.org/results/2016/ALB2016_ALL.pdf

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