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PGAWC Tour 2017

Dear Pilots ,

After receiving  bids on our bidding process , we are in position to publish calendar of PGAWC events for 2017. First time we received bid from American continent , actually from Canada , and it shows that this discipline become popular outside of Europa and Asia. Hope it will help pilots from American continent to present their skills in this kind of competition in their surrounding. Due to World Championship this year , we decided to select only four events in which pilots will fight for best one. Regarding superfinal we prepared new rules and new place but you will be inform about that when we finished preparation.

It will be not before new year but in any way before first PGAWC event in 2017. Schedule is below

1.      Indonesia  , Manado 17-19 March

2.      Serbia  ,Vrsac 7-9 April

3.       Canada ,Mont-Saint-Pierre  21-23 July

4.      Slovenia ,Kobarid 22-24 September

Thanks to all bidders who got organization and other who didn’t but hope more luck next time.


by uga, Wednesday, 30 November 2016 20:23, Comments(0)

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