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 Dear Pilots ,

As you can see , registration for PGAWC 2017 is opened. But this year , registration will be more serious due to problems that we had till now with late registration ,names , CIVL ID , sporting license …This year you must fill registration form and send it to office@pgawc.org together with your picture. Registration form you can find HERE. If you not send that official registration form you CAN NOT be in competition. We will collect registration forms and make for you ID cards which you will get on first competition where you will take part. That ID card you will use during competition and can simply register for any PGAWC competition in future because we will have your data in our data base. During registration process on venue you will show ID card and only sign already prepared registration form. Registration ID card will cost you 10 euro so put it on your budget.  

Pilots who already registered on our website , must fill registration form and send picture too. We know that all pilots don’t know English so please inform everybody who want to compete about this important changes and help them to fill proper registration form. Pilots who will start first time and do not have CIVL ID , leave that field blank.

For any misunderstanding and suggestion contact us (see picture beside)


by uga, Thursday, 26 January 2017 19:17, Comments(0)

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