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Dear Pilots ,

After receiving  bids on our bidding process , we are in position to publish calendar for PGAWC events 2018. This year we decided to organize again 6 events due to better opportunity for pilots who are not in position to participate in all events and make calculation for maximum rounds which will be actual for final rankings .Again we give opportunity to Canada for another World Cup event and promote Accuracy on American continent  like This year. Hope it will help pilots from American continent to present their skills again in this kind of competition.

1.      Turkey  , 16 – 18 February

2.      Kazakhstan ,  04 – 06 May

3.       Indonesia,  13 – 15 July

4.      Canada , 05 – 07 October

5.       Nepal , 02 – 04 November

6.       Albania , 14 -16 December

Registration will start in the beginning of 2018 and  process will be little bit different but you will be inform on time.

Thanks to all bidders who got organization and other who didn’t but hope more luck next time.


by uga, Monday, 04 December 2017 20:31, Comments(0)

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