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Hello Folks ,

As you see registration for PGAWC tour 2018 was started. Procedure will be like last year. Who don’t have PGAWC ID card must send to us registration form and picture on office@pgawc.org and register on our webpage http://www.pgawc.org/index.php?ind=userdata&op=reg_comp.

Rest of pilots only fill registration application and take with them PGAWC ID card to show it during registration. Who lost ID card must order new one and pay 10 euro again. Without PGAWC ID card you can not compete. So take it with you whenever you come to PGAWC event. This year we add Friday like mandatory training day and competition in the afternoon if weather permit. Registration will be always in Thursday evening and training will start in Friday morning. Don’t miss that cos it will be your responsibility. Due to bad experience from last year , many pilots registered and after our confirmation , they didn’t come and not cancel it before and we have more empty places. If you do same this year you will be punished with double entry fee next time. We have new data base and we will control it.

Registration and cancelation will be possible till one week before competition start. After that it will be not allowed. Take it this seriously and inform your friends who not understand English and not read this information. For the global rules read our page on NOTES & GUEDELINES . If you want additional information do not hesitate to contact us on office@pgawc.org or contact from PGAWC ID card.

Wish you good weather and successful season 2018.


by uga, Friday, 05 January 2018 12:35, Comments(0)

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