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PGAWC events for 2020

PGAWC events for 2020

Dear Folks,

After considering the 9 bids which we got for 2020 we decided to make 6 events this year.Decision was not easy but due to date  of competitions Cat1 (European and Asian) we tried not to make overlaping events. We will waiting for organizers answer about confirmation the dates for this schedule  and after that registration will be open for next year. We know that not to much of you will visit all our events , but as interesting for organizing PGAWC was very big we decided on this way. As you know for final ranking we will descard 1/3 of all rounds so four events is acceptable for most pilots to be on high position. On another way we give oportunity to new countries to be organizer  PGAWC events.Our proposal for schedule is :

PGAWC India 13 - 16 February

PGAWC France 21 -24 May

PGAWC Portugal 25 - 28 Jun

PGAWC Austria 9 - 12 July

PGAWC China 17 - 20 September

PGAWC Indonesia 8 -11 October

We wish good luck for organizers and hope they will make good events like we had before on PGAWC.


by uga, Friday, 22 November 2019 21:25, Comments(0)

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