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2008 pgawc winners

japan The 2008 PGAWC tour had its final event in Asagiri - Japan from 1th to 2th November 2008.

After 6 last rounds, the tour ended with a total of 26 rounds flown all around the world, starting in Macedonia, then Croatia, Turkey Czech republic, Slovenia and finally Japan.

Some records have been broken during this incredible year: in Croatia, for instance, Martin Jovanoski made new record after 4 rounds. He set new record 11 cm (previous was 29 cm). Martin set also 3 new world records: 2 in Europeans, 3 cm after 2 rounds and 3 cm after 3 rounds and in Turkey after 5th rounds he set 30 cm. On last tour in Japan Zoran Petrovič set two new records after 5 rounds (16 cm) and after 6 rounds (23 cm).

With no big surprise, Slovenia and team Čuk Dravograd kept its "best nation" title.

Milica Bicanin is our 2008 PGAWC female champion. She even reached the 11th position in the overall ranking.

Matjaž Ferarič is the 2008 PGAWC Champion.

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