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With a last competition held in Stubaital in October, we succesfuly completed another PGAWC season.

In year 2010 there were completed all for planned competitions: Batu – Indonesia, Visnjica – Croatia, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Neustift in Stubai Walley – Austria.

There were about 200 pilots attending, from 26 different countries and with from 50 to 80 pilots at the competition. The only exception with a little bit less pilots was Croatian leg, since it was on a schedule a week after European Championship Turkey and a week before Pre- Worlds in Czech Republic. This is also the main reason that some of pilots decided to skip the competition.

This year, we have experienced a lot of pilots from Asian countries and their progress in quality and this is the reason will do our best to organize two PGAWC competitions in this part of the world.

Regarding the rest of pilots, we have not seen a lot of changes. Pilots from Eastern Europe are still in the lead but lately Indonesian, Japanesse and Chinesse pilots were very common in top ten ranking and even on podium. Also a number of female competitors increased, which is a good sign. Team competitions also improved but stil, there is a lot of unused potencial. Serious number of strong teams is not so high but it is growing and we believe that next year, we can expect higher level in this area, as

All together, there was 22 competition rounds completed and with a minimum of five rounds per competition; after the worst round was dropped. This has been given additional quality level to individual competition.
Work of Technical delegate and a team of proven judges was correct and orientation to confirm this officials at least 30 days before competition, was a right one. Also in the future, we will put some further efforts in this direction.

Competition organizers did a great job trying to make them interesting also beside competition itself. In this direction, a special credit goes to Indonesian organizer in general and also for their fun competition. Others also did a great job organizing barbeque parties, movie presentation, cheap accommodation, a good meal and a free beer and a lot of practical prizes for pilots; by their possibilities, of course.

Very important part in all this goes to PGAWC sponsors: Airwave, Skywalk and Kimfly. With their contributions, we managed to cover a big part of general costs and also prizes for a final ceremony. In return, we tried hard to promote their presence in our sport, through the whole season on many different ways.

A promotion of paragliding, of accuracy landing, a promotion of competition sites and competition organizers and of course promotion of our sponsors, will also be a main goal for a 2011 competition season.

Beside publishing some articles in flying magazines and web pages, we will spread this word widder. There are some new countries interested in organizing competitions and we are expecting also new pilots from this areas.

An important goal for 2011 season is to organize the most of competitions outside high summer season. In that case we will attract more pilots who will normaly go to holidays or XC flying.

Beside this, we will do our best in order to attract even more equipment manufacturers and make this discipline even more interesting for competitors, spectators, competition organizers and of course: sponsors.

final report
Final report
final report

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