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Categories of records are for: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 rounds.

Conditions / Requirements for the records are as follows:-

1. Results that contribute to a submitted record claim are to be the results from consecutive rounds from a single competition, and must started with 1st round in the competition. Practice rounds are to be excluded for the claim.
Example: If you set up new record in five rounds, that mean that you must have the best results in 1st,2.,3.,4.,5th round. The record will not be valid if you have the best results in 5th,6.,7.,8.,9.,10. round!

2. For a record claim to be valid, all scores must be consecutive and contribute to the total score for the claim. No scores are to be dropped.

3. Results for record claims must be taken from FAI category 2 (must be world cup competition) or FAI category 1 competitions only.

4. Measurements are to be completed by International Licensed Judges using either, or both, a measure, and or, an electronic pad. The pad is to have a Dead Centre spot measuring 3 cm in diameter.

5. Result for individual record claims have to be declared and submitted by the individual competitor or their National Flying Association. They must include:-
5.1. The full name of the competition.
5.2. The competition location.
5.3. The competition scheduled start and finish dates.
5.4. The competitors name with their FAI License number.
5.5. All scores with their associated round numbers.
5.6. To assist with verification an email address, or website address ,or full postal address of the competition organiser.
This information is to be sent via world record claim form , who will authenticate the scores. Failure to supply ANY of 5.1 to 5.6 inclusive, will make the record claim null and void.
6. Only when the claim is authenticated will the results will be placed on the record list and be posted on the internet.

7. Only competitions completed after 1st January 2007 will be accepted for record claims.

A list of Current Records is available at www.pgawc.org .

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